Agility Trial Chair Chair

Appointed by the Board of Directors

The Agility Trials are held for 3 days.



Current Year

Day before Show

Day of Show



Other considerations



  • Morning coffee

    • Free for all participants

    • 1 regular and 1 decafe Starbucks Travelers. These can be ordered on Thursday and prepaid for early pickup at 6:30 am

    • Buy ice at 7-11 when picking up coffee.

    • Buy fruit, snacks, string cheese, creamer, tea. hot chocolate packets etc

    • Bring hot water in Thermal pots for tea.

  • Lunches

    • Notify Trial Secretary of lunch offering and cost for inclusion in premium list.

    • Request 1 pop-up and 1 table with 2 chairs

    • Set up and host table

    • Get supplies from storage unit: napkins, plates, utensils, plastic tablecloths and kitchen box with sharp knives, cutting board etc.

    Order sandwiches or platters

    • Costco for chips, cookies and drinks

    • Subway for mixed platters

    • Safeway for platters

    • Make sure to order well in advance -Monday for Friday pick up.

    • Place order for entire weekend at same time and prepay for easy pickup.

    • Save area on table for large water canister.

    • Obtain from storage ice Chest for assorted drinks

  • Payments

    • Create list of preordered lunches and enough for volunteers and judges

    • Collect money and tally final count for future reference.

    • Lunches can be charged through Square, but there should be a convenience fee of 50ยข

    • Have someone with Square capability- Treasurer.

    • Give collected money to Chair for safe keeping

Clean Up