Skills needed to advance

Beginning Obedience

Basic communication skills for Handlers and their dogs

All work done on leash.

Intermediate 1

Tabs required

Intermediate 2

Tabs required

Prep class for CGC

Intermediate 3

Tabs required

Prep class for potential Novice Competition

Wood or plastic dumbbell required

Advanced Class

Tabs required

Weekly classes will focus on both Open and Utility exercises:

*The articles will be provided by the handler and will consist of two (2) sets only. The handler will choose which two (2) sets are to be used, metal, leather or wood. Each set of articles will be comprised of five identical objects, which may be items of everyday use. The size of the articles will be proportionate to the size of the dog. The metal set must be made entirely of rigid metal. The leather set must be made of leather. The wood set must be made of one or more solid pieces of wood. The articles may be unfinished, stained or dyed and must be designed so that only a minimum amount of fastening material is visible. The articles in each set will be legibly numbered with a different number and must be approved by the judge.