DMKC Obedience Classes

Beginning Obedience

We will work on basic communication skills for handlers and their dogs, all work is done on leash.

  • Get the dog's attention with his name.

  • Heeling with left, right, and about turns, slow and fast

  • Sit and stay

  • Down and stay

  • Stand for examination and stay

  • Figure 8's

  • Recalls

  • Finishes

Intermediate 1 (Tabs required)

  • Handler must be able to get dog's eye contact on its name

  • Heeling with automatic sits and correct positioning

  • Sit randomized

  • Verbal only down

  • Beginning hand signals

  • Stand stay with handler at end of leash

  • Focused figure 8's on loose leash

  • Modify body motions on finishes

  • Short off/on leash recalls

  • Increased length of on leash stays with distractions, with handlers across room

Intermediate 2 (Tabs required)

Prep class for CGC

  • Heeling with loose leash

  • Circle left and right

  • Fast and slow

  • Left turn,right turn, about turn

  • Down in motion

  • Sit in motion

  • Stand with signal only

  • Figure 8's, dogs as posts without handlers

  • Increase distance for signal exercises

  • Longer off leash recalls, signal or verbal

  • Dogs must be able to stay while handler leaves across room

  • Finishes without body cues

  • Increased levels of distractions

  • Stays across room

Intermediate 3

Prep class for potential Novice competition All exercises are geared to AKC titling levels

  • Focused on and off leash heeling

  • Figure 8's, dogs as posts

  • Stand stay off leash

  • Straight fronts and finishes

  • Heel with quarter turns for 360 degrees

  • Formal stays with distractions

  • 3 minute sits

  • 5 minute downs

  • Beginning retrieving

Advanced Class

  • Utility articles required

  • Weekly classes include Open and Utility exercises

  • Directed retrieving

  • Go outs

  • Directed jumping

  • Scent discrimination

  • Hand signals