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The mission of Del Monte Kennel Club is to support the sport of purebred dogs through our all breed dog shows; to facilitate the human-dog bond through training; to provide community education that promotes canine good citizenship for all dogs.

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New CGC recipients

Jack Lagier and Lucy Kevin Tatsugawa and Sandy Tor Miller and Beau

On the Show Front...

Pat Trotter's Norwegian Elkhound wins Back to Back Best in Show at the Sun Maid Kennel Club of Fresno, Inc.



Best in ShowShow Photographer: Victoria & Warren Cook – MyDogPhoto

Carol White drove across country to attend the AKC invitational in Orlando, Florida



Best Of Breed Ribbon for the FCAT Invitational.

Kevlar with his DCAT Ribbon. He earned his title while at the Invitational.

For more information on FastCat please see the AKC description

AKC Coursing

Reggie Steres - At the Cal Coastal Dog Owners Group's Nose Work 1 trial on September 19, Mr. Grant knocked it out of the park by earning his title, as well as third-fastest place overall among 50 dogs, first place in the Interior search and, most exciting of all, a "Pronounced".





Audrey Boyer finished her 15 month-old whippet girl at the SoCal Whippet Club specialty, going Best of Winners over 27 class bitches and 14 class dogs! Disco went Best Veteran in Specialty show at two of the shows at 8.5 years old.

Recently On the Community Front

Tour Guide Hamilton


Julie and Tom Craig

Hamilton loves his daily walks, and he knows the routines and routes so very well. Every morning, Hamilton has a nice long walk up and back down the steep hills that surround our home. After his midday nap, he is ready for his afternoon stroll which varies from a run around the track at Via Paraiso Park, within walking distance of our home, to a walk downtown around Colton Hall and the grounds of the Monterey Institute of International Studies campus or to amble along the Recreation Trail by the Old Fisherman’s Wharf and through the Custom House Plaza.

Hamilton likes to lead the way, as if he is a Chamber of Commerce tour guide. It is really cute to watch him astutely pause at a corner, for example, and look in all directions while deciding which way to go on any given day. On Tuesday afternoon, when checking out all his favorite shrubs and trees along the promenade of shops bordering the Portola Plaza Hotel, he approached the corner art gallery where he turned and pranced toward the front of the hotel, because he knew his friends, the kindly greeting bellhops, would be there.

Sure enough, when Fredo and Joseph saw Hamilton, they called him by name and bent down to his level to play with him. When Tom was taking this photo of the three of them, a distinguished-looking man got out of a limo and walked toward the entrance. Seeing Hamilton, this man smiled broadly, and I, catching his glance and not knowing who he was, smiled back and said, “Hamilton is giving them therapy…” The man laughed and responded, “What a good puppy,” and walked on into the lobby.

Because it appeared to me that Fredo and Joseph knew this man, I asked them who he was. Much to my surprise, they told me he was the owner of the Portola Hotel who had flown in from Arizona to spend some time on the Peninsula with his son. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such warmth and friendliness on days like this by people who model the spirit of goodness.

P.S. I forgot to mention that the Portola Hotel is dog-friendly. Frequently, we take Hamilton in the hotel lobby where it is not uncommon for weary travelers to ask to pet him. I truly believe that he is on duty there, too, as the caring therapy dog he is.

Carol White, who owns an Anatolian, CH. Karaboudjan's Fire-Storm AKA Rango, was requested by the Cheetah Conservation Fund to have her dog represent the Anatolian breed at an event held recently at the Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose. Carol's Anatolian club has a very close working relationship with the Cheetah folks, as they use Anatolians to keep the Cheetahs away from their livestock. The Anatolian club was actively involved in getting the program started in Africa. Dr. Laurie Marker (the founder of the program) has done an amazing job.



Carol White was presented the Hisar Shield Award from the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America (ASDCA). This "Lifetime Achievement" award recognizes her extraordinary service to ASDCA and the breed by her long-time record of service and leadership involving activities performed on behalf of ASDCA. It is only bestowed on an individual when that person is truly deemed worthy of the distinguished honor. To be eligible for the Hisar Shield Award, a nominee shall have been a full-time ASDCA member in good standing for a minimum of 10 years and been the owner of a registered Anatolian Shepherd Dog for at least 15 years. She is a recognized ASDCA ambassador and has displayed good sportsmanship for the ASDCA and the Breed. Carol's achievement will be published in the January 2024 ASDCA magazine.

Just a Cute Story


New Therapy Dog Team Member?!?

Hamilton proudly wears his Montage Health Foundation Therapy Dog Program vest and his Therapy Dog International identification badge when he serves at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula on Mondays and at Montage’s Westland House Rehabilitation and Hospice Facility on Wednesdays.

Procedure at both facilities is that, when checking in, we receive a “census report" that indicates priority patients to visit, before visiting other patients. At CHOMP, we receive additional requests from staff at the nurses’ stations, while, at Westland House, a smaller facility, we receive specific notes on the census report about patients in every room. Always, too, we make sure to visit staff who are so grateful to see Hamilton.

Last week, while at CHOMP, one of the nurses told us that she knew this particular patient would love a visit from Hamilton, and, as soon as we entered the room, we could see why. For confidentiality reasons, I cannot go into detail, but I will tell you that this patient started tearing with happiness when seeing Hamilton and became quite verbal while telling us that Rusty was her therapy dog. Hamilton was mesmerized with this robotic dog whose eyes stared directly into his. It even opened its mouth and barked and cocked its head.

Tom and I, too, were quite intrigued with this little electronic dog. We carried on a pleasant conversation with the patient, while Hamilton continued trying to figure out what kind of pup this was. It really was cute for the three of us to watch. As my mother used to say, regarding such an anomaly, “What’s this world coming to?”

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