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The Del Monte Kennel Club was founded to promote the sport of purebred dogs and encourage responsible dog ownership. In addition to our obedience and handling classes, the Club sponsors two All-Breed Conformation Dog Shows, three Obedience Trials, three Rally Trials and three Agility Trials each year. Purebred dogs from California and the U.S. participate in these shows.

Del Monte Kennel Club's first AKC Sanctioned Show was held in 1908.

Club telephone 831-272-2847 (message capability)

Agility Trial

May 31–June 2

York School

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Scent Work Trial

July 13, 2019

Carmel Middle School>

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Results of the CGC Testing on April 15

The following people and their dogs passed: Betsy and Ron Vobach with Chase, Sonya Johnson with Molly, Denise Ross with Alliis and Kirk, Joanie Wellington with Scout, Joan McHenry with Sady, Kimberly Nonella with Daegan

The DMKC Presentation at
The Table Affair

Table Affair
The event was celebrating the 100 year anniversay of the Pebble Beach Company founded by Samuel F.B. Morse, who also re-established the Del Monte Kennel Club as an AKC Member Club.


The event this year supported the Community Volunteer Service, Youth Music Monterey County.


The commmitte designing the table was composed of Susan Cohen, Julie Craig, Suzanne Hartley-Hill, Penny Jones, Nannette Newbury, Hap Sutliff and Cheryll Smith. Seated at the table is Cheryl Smith, Hap Sutliff and Suzanne Hartley-Hill. (photo by Carolyn Alexander)